Vol. No. 1-6 1975


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V. Harvey Samis, PhD

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Euias S. Couen, JD

S. Donna Linn, Student Representative

Published Bimonthly by GERONTOLOGICAL SOCIETY Copyright 1975 by Gerontological Society


JOURNAL OF GERONTOLOGY Contents of Volume 30


Section A: Biological and Medical Sciences

Epoar A. Tonna. Accumulation of Lipofuscin (Age Pigment) in Aging Skeletal Connective Tissues as Revealed by Electron Microscopy 3

VERNON L. YEAGER, SURANG CHIEMCHANYA, AND PRADISTCHAI CHAISERI. Changes in Size of Lacunae During the Life of Osteocytes in Osteons of Compact Bone

SHIELDS WARREN, ROSANNA N. CHUTE, and MARILYN W. Porter. The Effect of Parabiosis on Life-Span of Rats Stressed by Radiation

TEENA M. Wax. The Runwheel Activity Patterns of Mature-Young and Senescent Mice: The Effect of Constant

DONALD B. CARTER AND Cui-Bom Cua. Composition of Liver Histones in Aging Rat and Mouse


Gerap J. DouGuer, Jr. Aging and the Passage of L-Tyrosine, L-DOPA, and Inulin into Mouse Brain Slices

LAWRENCE Rosner. Safety of Administration of Procaine Hydrochloride-Hematoporphyrin (KH3) to Beagle Dogs. Hersert T. MULLER, BERNARD Grap, AND FRANK ENGELSMANN. Biological and Psychological Predictors of Survival

Wa ter R. CUNNINGHAM, VIVIAN CLAYTON, AND WiLLIS OVERTON. Fluid and Crystallized Intelligence in Young Adulthood and Old Age Harvey A. Tavs. Mode of Presentation, Age, and Short-Term Memory

Section C: Social Gerontology

RoseMARY McCASLIN AND WELTON R. CALVERT. Social Indicators in Black and White: Some Ethnic Considerations in Delivery of Service to the Elderly. . .\

STEVEN H. ZARIT AND Rosert L. KAun. Aging and Adaptation to Illness

C. Nem But AND Jackie B. Aucoin. Voluntary Association Participation and Life Satisfaction: A Replication


M. Powe Lt Lawron. The Philadelphia Geriatric Center Morale Scale: A Revision

Morton H. M. Powe.t Lawton, ELAINE M. Bropy, AND MiriAM Moss. Characteristics of Mentally- Impaired Aged Profiting from Individualized Treatment

MARTHA STORANDT, ILENE WITTELS, AND JACK BoTwinicx. Predictors of a Dimension of Well-Being in the Relocated Healthy Aged

Susan R. SHERMAN. Patterns of Contacts for Residents of Age-Segregated and Age-Integrated Housing

NATHAN W. SxHocx. Current Publications in Gerontology and Geriatrics


Section A: Biological and Medical Sciences

Rosert K. Liv AND Roy L. WA.Forp. Mid-Life Temperature-Transfer Effects on Life-Span of Annual Fish

DONALD N. McMartin AND Lewis M. SCHEDLBAUER. Incorporation of ['*C] Leucine into Protein and Tubulin by Brain Slices from Young and Old Mice 132

Hanna S. GARNER AND SOL Bernicx. Effect of Age Upon the Thyroid Gland and Pituitary Thyrotrophs of the Rat . 137

NuMBER 1 41 Section B: Psychology and the Social Sciences 53 56 60 67 JouNn N. Morris AND SyLviA SHERWOOD. A Retesting and Modification of the Philadelphia Geriatric Center Morale 77 85 90 97 § 103 q NuMBER 2

Larry W. THORPE AND THOMas J. Young and Senescent Golden Hamster

Decrease of Acute Hypoxic Mortality in Male Aged Rats

Ivo KUNSTYR AND Hans-GeorGc W. LEVENBERGER. Gerontological Data of C57BL/6J Mice. I. Se Ditrences in

JEAN DREVENSTEDT. Scale-Checking Styles on the Semantic Differential Among Older People MICHAEL W. EyYsENCck. Retrieval from Semantic Memory as a Function of Age L. Goopricx. Behavioral Rigidity as a Mechanism for Facilitation of Problem Solving for Aged Rats .. . .

Section C: Social Gerontology

Winston H. CHERRY AND WILLIAM F. Forses. Studies of Mortality and Morbidity Data. II. Mortality from All Causes in Ontario Counties During 1964-1968

Wiius J. Goupy, Ewarp A. Powers, AND Patricia Kerru. Work and Retirement: A Test of Attitudinal Rela-

ERDMAN PALMoRE. The Status and Integration of the Aged in Japanese Society JouN N. Morris, RosAuie S. WOLF, AND LORRAINE V. KLERMAN. Common Themes Among Morale and Depression

Paut CAMERON. Mood as an Indicant of Happiness: Age, Sex, Social Class, and Situational Differences

Irwin GERBER, ROSLYN RUSALEM, NATALIE HANNON, DELIA BATTIN, AND ARTHUR ARKIN. Anticipatory Grief and Aged Widows and Widowers 225

Joyce STEPHENS. Society of the Alone: Freedom, Privacy, and Utilitarianism as Dominant Norms in the SRO

VOLUME 30 MAY, 1975

Section A: Biological and Medical Sciences L. Gooprick. Life-Span and the Inheritance of Longevity of Inbred Mice

ALICE A. SORIERO AND GEORGE B. TALBERT. The Effect of Estrogen on Protein and RNA Concentration and on de novo Synthesis of RNA in the Uterus of Aging Ovariectomized Mice

NANDY, Rosert B. Fritz, AND JAMES THREATT. Specificity of Brain Reactive Antibodies in Serum of Old

AND CALEB E. Fincu. Norepinephrine Uptake by the Myocardium of the Senescent Mouse in Vitro

Davin E. Harrison. Normal Function of Transplanted Marrow Cell Lines from Aged Mice

Davi E. Harrison. Defective Erythropoietic Responses of Aged Mice Not Improved by Young Marrow

ANpREw M. Sincock. Life Extension of the Rotifer Mytilina brevispina Var Redunca by the Application of Chelating Agents

Toan Davis. A Study of the Effect of Diet on the Life-Span of Nasonia vitripennis (Walk.) (Hymenoptera,

E. RIcHARD BLonsky, Jeri A. LOGEMANN, BENJAMIN BOSHES, AND Hixpa B. FisHER. Comparison of Speech and Swallowing Function in Patients with Tremor Disorders and in Normal Geriatric Patients: a Cinefluorographic Study

Section B: Psychology and the Social Sciences

DONALD W. KLINE AND JACEK SZAFRAN. Age Differences in Backward Monoptic Visual Noise Masking

RocGer H. BruninG, IpA HOLZBAUER, AND CAROLE KIMBERLIN. Age, Word Imagery, and Delay Interval: Effects on Short-Term and Long-Term Retention

ANDERSON D. Smitu. Aging and Interference with Memory

Tuomas R. Hipparp, JoHNn N. MIGLIACCIO, SANFORD GOLDSTONE, AND WILLIAM T. LHAMON. Temporal Information Processing by Young and Senior Adults and Patients with Senile Dementia

. GeorGce T. Baker, III. Age-Related Activity Changes in Arginine Phosphokinase in the House Fly, Musca




NATHAN W. SHocx. Current Publications in Gerontology and Geriatrics 239


| 257 264



279 286



Dwarka P. Misra, JOHN M. LoupDon, AND GERALD E. Stappon. Albumin Metabolism in Elderly Patients........ 304





Section C: Social Gerontology

SyLviA SHERWOOD, JOHN N. Morris, AND ESTHER BARNHART. Developing a System for Assigning Individuals into -

an Appropriate Residential Setting

LinDA E. WEINBERGER AND Jim MILLHAM. A Multi-Dimensional, Multiple Method Analysis of Attitudes Toward the 34,

Elderly Par A. GarciA, GEorGE E. BATTESE, AND WiLMA D. Brewer. Longitudinal Study of Age and Cohort Influences

VOLUME 30 JULY, 1975

Section A: Biological and Medical Sciences BarBarA L. DRINKWATER, STEVEN M. HorvaTH, AND CHRISTINE L. WELLS. Aerobic Power of Females, Ages 10 to

JouHN E. JOHNSON, JR., WILLIAM R. MEHLER, AND JAIME MIQUEL. A Fine Structural Study of Degenerative Changes in the Dorsal Column Nuclei of Aging Mice. Lack of Protection by Vitamin E

Kaipas NAnpDy. Significance of Brain-Reactive Antibodies in Serum of Aged Mice

Basi E. ELEFTHERIOUS. Changes with Age in Protein-Bound Iodine (PBI) and Body Temperature in the Mouse. . .


Hirosui TAKEDA, AND Hirosui ABE. Assessment of Biological Age by Multiple Regression Analysis WANEEN Wyricxk Spirpuso. Reaction and Movement Time as a Function of Age and Physical Activity Level Dm»itriy F. CHEBOTAREV AND VLADIMIR V. FRroLkis. Research in Experimental Gerontology in the USSR

Section B: Psychology and the Social Sciences GERALD GOLDSTEIN AND CAROLYN H. SHELLY. Similarities and Differences Between Psychological Deficit in Aging and Brain Damage

448 GEORGETTE BELLUCCI AND WILLIAM J. Hoyer. Feedback Effects on the Performance and Self-Reinforcing Behavior 456

of Elderly and Young Adult Women

KENNETH H. Rusin AND IAN D. R. Brown. A Life-Span Look at Person Perception and Its Relationship to Com- 46

Gerontology Frank CLEMENTE, Patricia A. REXROAD, AND CARL Hirscu. The Participation of the Black Aged in Voluntary Associations Bruce W. SMITH AND JOHN HILTNeR. Intraurban Location of the Elderly Susan R. SHERMAN. Mutual Assistance and Support in Retirement Housing

JEAN E. MUELLER, JULIE L. Moore, AND JAMEs E. BirreN. A Bibliography of Doctoral Dissertations on Aging from American Institutions of Higher Learning, 1972-1974


] Puiuip Community Complexity and Knowledge of Facilities. NATHAN W. SuHocx. Current Publications in Gerontology and Geriatrics .............00cecceceececcsceees 366 Notice of Availability of Aged Rats and Mice... 384 NuMBER 4 395 412 417 422 435 441 | | 473 479


Section A: Biological and Medical Sciences

K. STEPHEN BROWN AND WILLIAM F. Forses. A Mathematical Model of Aging Processes. III]. Comments on the Relative Importance of Serum Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Levels on Mortality 513

ANANDATIRTHA R. INAMDAR, RICHARD PERSON, AND BRUCE MACKLER. Protective Effects of Atromid-S in vivo on Mitochondrial Stability in Tissues of Aged Hamsters

RayMonp L. Buricu. Effects of Age on Renal Function and Enzyme Activity in Male CS57BL/6 Mice

MICHELE MuUGGEO, DoMENICO FEDELE, ANTONIO TIENGO, MAURIZIO MOLINARI, AND GAETANO CREPALDI. Human Growth Hormone and Cortisol Response to Insulin Stimulation in Aging

Davip M. PETERSEN AND CHARLES W. THomMaS. Acute Drug Reactions Among the Elderly

Jacos H. Fox, JornDAN L. ToPEL, AND MICHAEL S. HucKMAN. Dementia in the Elderly A Search for Treatable

Bruce A. CLARK, MICHAEL G. WADE, BENJAMINH. MASSEY, AND RICHARD VAN Dyke. Response of Institutionalized Geriatric Mental Patients to a Twelve-Week Program of Regular Physical Activity

Section B: Psychology and the Social Sciences

JACK BoTWwinick, ROBIN WEsT, AND MARTHA STORANDT. Qualitative Vocabulary Test Responses and Age

WIiLuiAM R. BirRKHILL AND K. WARNER SCHAIE. The Effect of Differential Reinforcement of Cautiousness in In- tellectual Performance Among the Elderly

Section C: Social Gerontology JaMEs J. Down. Aging as Exchange: A Preface to Theory Francis D. GLAMSER AND GORDON F. DeJonc. The Efficacy of Preretirement Preparation Programs for Industrial

M. Powe. Lawton, LUCILLE NAHEMOW, AND JOSEPH TEAFF. Housing Characteristics and the Well-Being of Elderly Tenants in Federally Assisted Housing 601 MARTHA STORANDT AND ILENE WiTTELs. Maintenance of Function in Relocation of Community-Dwelling Older


Section A: Biological and Medical Sciences GLENDA E. BILpeER. Studies on Immune Competence in the Rat: Changes with Age, Sex, and Strain Dennis E. EppY AND DENHAM HARMAN. Rat Brain Fatty Acid Composition: Effect of Dietary Fat and Age

Marc A. Scuuckit, Patricia L. MILLER, AND Dewey HAHLBOHM. Unrecognized Psychiatric Illness in Elderly on

Medical-Surgical Patients Betty RIsTEEN HASSELKUS AND GeorGiA M. SHAMBES. Aging and Postural Sway in Women

Section B: Psychology and the Social Sciences Joe” PETER ABRAHAMS, WILLIAM J. Hover, MERRILL F. ELIAS, AND BRUCE BRADIGAN. Gerontological Research in Psychology Published in the Journal of Gerontology 1963-1974: Perspectives and Progress 668

Susan A. GAYLORD AND Gali R Marsu. Age Differences in the Speed of a Spatial Cognitive Process

Boaz KAHANA AND Eva KAHANA. The relationship of Impulse Control to Cognition and Adjustment Among In- stitutionalized Aged Women 679

Vern L. BeNGTSON, JAMES J. Down, Davin H. SmitrH, AND ALEX INKELEs. Modernization, Modernity, and Per- ceptions of Aging: A Cross-Cultural Study

Barry D. Lesowrtz. Age and Fearfulness: Personal and Situational Factors

Numser 5 STEPHEN R. GREENBERG. The Pathogenesis of Hypophyseal Fibrosis in Aging: Its Relationship to Tissue Iron 539 546 552 574 578 NATHAN W. SuHocx. Current Publications in Gerontology and Geriatrics O19 NuMBER6 |

Section C: Social Gerontology MARSHALL J. GRANEY. Happiness and Social Participation in Aging Frances M. Carp. Ego-Defense or Cognitive Consistency Effects on Environmental Evaluations

Editorial Comments and Conference Reports

Letters to the Editor

NATHAN W. Suocx. Current Publications in Gerontology and Geriatrics NATHAN W. Suocx. Author Index to Current Publications

Contents of Volume 30

Index to Volume 30

Journal of Geront 1975, 30, No 6465-168

Index to Volume 30


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